Zuora inc. venturing into cloud computing 58011

“Read the case “Zuora Inc. Venturing into Cloud Computing”. This case addresses issues related to the business choices facing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, as it determines its future with the choice of three possible scenarios:

 (1) Continue to focus on billing for the SaaS industry,

(2) Expand to capture the broader cloud-computing trend, or

(3) Grow big fast and try to capture the broader subscription opportunity.


Draft a report on the case using the following suggested case analysis format and section headings, addressing the issues listed within each section.

1.       EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Summarize the analysis, including objectives, key issues, and recommendation.

2.       CURRENT SITUATION — Clearly analyze Zuora Inc. as a business. Discuss its past and present, its main struggles within the SaaS industry to differentiate itself from the competition, and how cloud computing affects its business model. What are its strengths and weaknesses within its industry? 

3.       CRITERIA — identify the criteria that should be used to evaluate any actions Zuora should take, why these are important, and how they will be measured. 

4.        ALTERNATIVES AND RECOMMENDATION — Analyze the three business choices facing Zuora and make your recommendation regarding which option Zuora Inc. should pursue, and why. Are there any alternative choices they have not considered? It is important that you make your recommendation rather than just describe options.

5.       RISK ANALYSIS — Explain the risks involved in implementing your recommendation. The risk analysis should be as specific as possible. Include an analysis of how the company’s history, development strategy, strategy, culture, and decision-making strategy have led it to your recommendation. What are the risks of implementing your recommendation? What are the risks if it fails? Consider responsibilities and contingencies, list IT requirements, describe IT conversion strategy if applicable, and so on.

Provide clear justification for your arguments in the alternatives and recommendation section”