Yo19_excel_bu02_ps1_advertise | Computer Science homework help



Start Excel. Download and open   the file named Excel_BU02_PS1_Advertise.xlsx.   Grader will automatically add your last name to the start of the filename.   Save the file to the location where you are storing your files.



On the GuestData worksheet, in   cell H2, add a COUNTA function to determine the number of months listed in cell   range A6:A17.



In cell J2, add a DATEDIF function to calculate the survey duration   in years using the 2020 Fiscal Start date and 2021 Fiscal Start date.


Assign the named range Season to cell range L6:M17.



In cell range C6:C17, add a   VLOOKUP that will look up the value in column B and then return the exact   season match of Low, Mid, or High based on the value in column B. Use the   named range Season in the formula.



To count the number of seasons   in cell B22, enter a COUNTIF function that counts the Seasons in cell range   C6:C17 that meet the criteria in cell A22. Copy the formula through cell B24.   


To total the number of guests   surveyed by season in cell E22, enter a SUMIF function that sums the total   surveyed in J6:J17 if it meets the criteria in cell D22. Use appropriate   absolute referencing to copy the formula through cell E24. 


In cell range D19:J19, calculate   the averages for each column with a rounded (not formatted) value to zero   decimal places.