Writing an essay about artist at least 400 ward

Find a recent article (published within the past twelve months) on a subject in art that interests you.  You will do this by utilizing one of the library databases, such as LexisNexis Academic or ProQuest Newsstand. Consider focusing your search on your favorite artist, artwork, or style of art.  You might even try tying in art with your academic major. 


—Do not use the general search bar on the library’s website to search for an article.  You must use a database!


—Internet sites or Blogs are not allowed.


—Please stay away from articles about music, cosmetics, cars, etc.  If you have any questions about a topic you choose, just ask. 


2) Once you find an interesting article, print it out.  The article must be at least 400 words


3) Write a one-page essay structured as follows:  (An example is below)


Paragraph 1. Basic Info (do not list these as bullet points)

       a. What is the title of the article?

       b. Who wrote it? (if unknown tell me it is “unknown” or it is by an “anonymous writer”)

       c. What magazine/journal/periodical was published in?

d. Provide the date of publication

       e. Which of the databases did you use?

       f. What keyword did you search for?


Paragraph 2. Briefly summarize the article. 

Tell me what it is about.  Use general rather than specific information.  Do not “lift”  

passages from the article!  That would be plagiarizing not summarizing.


Paragraph 3. What interested you about this article? 

Tell me why you chose it.  This is the most important paragraph in the entire essay

and should be of equal length to paragraph 2.


Essay Format:

ü  Upper left hand corner of the paper should have (single-spaced)

              Skip two lines and begin your paper…do not give your paper a title

ü  One-Page (20-23 lines of text)

ü  Typed

ü  Double Spaced (Format—>Paragraph—>Spacing—>Double—>Click OK)

ü  1” Margins (Format—>Document—>Change Margins—>Click OK)

ü  Use Times or Times New Roman

ü  10-point font

ü  Don’t forget to proofread your paper! Grammar does count!

ü  Do not use slang in academic writing (the word is legitimate, not legit)

ü  Make sure to italicize titles of artwork if you use them