Write a new texas constitution

If you complete BOTH PARTS of this extra credit project, I will add three points to your course grade.  This might not seem like a lot, but it could mean the difference in a letter grade!     (1) Write a new Texas Constitution.  You have a lot of leeway here; however, it is important to remember that a constitution’s purpose is to set up a framework for how a government will operate and to guarantee citizens certain rights and freedoms.  So in creating this, think about what kind of society you would want to live in.   -A preamble -A bill of rights -A desсrіption of each branch of government, the duties of individuals occupying those branches, and their term length -A statement on public education -A statement on taxes (sales, property, and income) -A statement on units of local government (cities and counties), the duties of individuals occupying those units, and their term length   -You can now include anything you want—it’s YOUR constitution.