What role can art therapy play within mental health?

 I′ve been told that to get 60%or more that the dissertation must have ′The presence of critique: the recognition that knowledge proceeds through a community of enquiry: comparison, contrast and argument between different theoretical perspectives, driven by a question. The recognition that claims and ideas are significant because…, where the because is created through comparison, contrast and argument within the community of enquiry. Signposting: each paragraph does one job, and the first sentence explains the relevance of the job to the essay question.′ I want the the dissertation to look into how art as a therapy that can be a benefit to an individual/groups mental health. I have added PDFs of articles etc I would like used and a PDF of my attempt to write some of the dissertation. (3,000 words) However, I am extremely dyslexic and I apologies if it doesn′t make sense.