Urgent! due in 10 hours from now! (write a 200 words discussion post)

Write a discussion post (only 200 words)

Due in 10 hours from now/ due by 2pm Eastern US time



You cannot find 16b in th book.  You must go to the book website.




Pick interactive sample documents and go to 16b Analyzing an External Proposal.


Visit the book website, look under interactive sample documents, and select 16b Analyzing an External Proposal.  Answer the following questions here (not on the book website) about the short proposal.

1. The writer’s description of the problem does not provide specific statistical evidence. Is this a weakness of the proposal, or is there a good reason for the lack of specifics?

2. Assuming that the reader is not familiar with CUP (the writer’s organization), how effective is this description of CUP in establishing its credentials?

3. Based on this proposal, would you award the nearly $67,000 to this organization?  Explain why or why not