Unit 3 discussion | Management homework help

By Wednesday, for your initial post, complete the readings in Unit 3, and then answer the following question: Which do you think is more important: Formal or informal institutions? Why? Your choice does not matter for your grade: all that counts is how well you argue for your point of view. 


In response to two of your peers, by Sunday, choose from the following prompts:

  • Expand on or clarify a point made in the answer.
  • Offer an additional argument to support a position taken in an answer.
  • Suggest ways in which an idea could be more clearly expressed.
  • Identify passages where you think the writer misunderstood a concept or applied it incorrectly.
  • Disagree with a point or position made in an answer.

If you are disagreeing with the views of another student, please be constructive and respectful. You may criticize a position but not the author. Just writing “Your position on abortion stinks” will not do! State precisely the point you disagree with. (Make sure you have not misinterpreted the writer’s position.) Offer reasons why you think their view is incorrect and support your position by citing the text or other sources.