To kill a mockingbird | English homework help

TKAM In-Class Essay #2

Pick four of the following questions to answer. Each answer must be five sentences and provide detailed examples from the novel when justifying your response.

1.Explain how Harper Lee’s using Scout as the narrator affects our understanding of the events in To Kill A Mockingbird.

2.If you were to rewrite To Kill A Mockingbird as a play, where would you start and end each act? Explain.

3.Explain how the two main story lines of the novel join together at the climax.

4.Explain why Arthur “Boo” Radley doesn’t come out of the house except to help the children.

6.      Describe Atticus’ relationship with Jem and Scout and contrast it with their relationship to Aunt Alexandra.

7.      Are Jem’s actions believably motivated? Explain why or why not.

8.      Explain the importance of the setting in To Kill A Mockingbird. Could this story have been set in a different time and place and still have the same effect?

9.      Evaluate Harper Lee’s style of writing. How does it contribute to the value of the novel?

10.  Compare and contrast Atticus and Alexandra.

11.  Compare and contrast Miss Maudie and Mrs. Dubose.

12.  Explain how Harper Lee uses Mrs. Dubose and Boo Radley to develop the idea that things aren’t always what they seem.

13.  Explain how the title relates to the events of the novel and the themes of To Kill A Mockingbird.

14.  Explain Dill’s role in the novel. Why was he included?

15.  Compare and contrast the Cunninghams and the Ewells.

16.  Are the characters in Mockingbird stereotypes? If so, explain why Harper Lee used stereotypes. If not, explain how the characters merit individuality.

17.  Could the same thing happen to Tom Robinson today? Explain why or why not.

18.  Much of To Kill A Mockingbird tells about Scout’s summer vacation time. Compare/contrast the activities of Scout’s vacation with your own at Scout’s age.