This module’s topic focused on decision making. you were exposed to


This module’s topic focused on Decision Making. You were exposed to framework, processes, and offered applied lessons.

Reflect upon the message and themes learned from the assigned reading materials. In particular, focus on how your current or prior work environment includes decision-making as a managerial experience, process, and procedure on a daily basis. Think through the impact of decisions, from the minor to the major decisions on the organization. Decision Making can be straightforward, completed collaboratively, come from a top-down approach, or conducted in a very linear way. Knowing your stakeholders, your audience, and the externalities involved in decisions is key to understanding the impacts while also choosing the right process to follow. Surrounding every decision is the need to communicate the issue(s), the process, and the results or impact to others. 

For this assignment, you are tasked with crafting an Infographic.

Infographics are visual communication tools that use pictures, minimal textboxes, sometimes hyperlinks, space, and color to effectively and efficiently spread a message. Infographics are tailored to the experience, crafted for a specific reason, and are used to reach multiple audiences.

You will craft an infographic based on Decision Making and applied to your organization (or one that you are familiar with). Put time, effort, and your creative mind into developing an infographic that effectively communicates one of the concepts of Decision Making that has been discussed in this module. For example, you may want to highlight bounded rationality or depict how the brain processes information for decision-making or craft a flow chart for improving quality decisions. You may choose any concept of Decision Making that we have reviewed in this module.

You can create your infographic through any platform, but here are a few suggestions: Piktochart, PPT, Publisher. Make sure that you can save your infographic as an image. You are required to embed the image into this week’s discussion board.