The sustainable campus: could csun be greener? short report (internal

The Sustainable Campus: Could CSUN Be Greener?

Short Report (Internal Proposal)

Dr. D

ianne Harrison is putting out a

RFP fo

r Sustainability Proposals on campus. She has

allocated some funds for green projects. Your team will compete for this money against 5 other

teams in the class.

Is CSUN as “green” as it could be? Could money be saved as well as our carbon footprint


d? How do we compare to other campuses? Try googling: “Sustainability/Green Building

Websites.” Look at CSUN’s Sustainability Institute site




evaluate our current progress, and then see what other campuses are doing.

Look for ideas that

CSUN could use in its quest to become a more sustainable university. Review past proposals that

have failed as well as what other campuses do. Find a topic you would be interested in exploring

more deeply; do so by connecting to your m

ajor, your profession, or your personal interests.

10/20 Sustainability Day will be your starting point.

Some areas to consider may be:

Food Service, cafeterias

Transportation parking, traffic

Student / Faculty Housing

Gardens, Green Spaces, Trees


& Energy


Klotz Health Center

Child Care Center

Electronic Waste (e



Wildlife, birds

Classroom space

Waste management/ Rainwater catchment/Irrigation

Matador Athletics


Campus Events (The Big Show, Matador Nights, etc.)

There are

a lot of programs

and activities

around this topic; you may find yourself swimming in

a sea of information and ideas! When you workshop this draft, I expect solid feedback that does

more than just talks about sentence

level errors and

spelling mistakes (4

0 points); it should really

touch on the issues and further the conversation that we have been having since

we began this


Keep an open mind and a curious attitude as you explore the variety of ideas across various



and international

campuses. Yo

ur idea could be an awareness campaign, a change in how

things are done,

how to improve an

existing program,

a new approach to an old problem, an

installation, new facility, and a student activity.

Final Topic Selection:

It would be wise to select your to

pic fast. The odds are not great, but your

topic may have some overlap with another team in this class, which is not ideal, but realistic in

the workplace.

Your final product will be a well

supported internal

proposal of 1,500

+ words in short

report forma

t directed to your decision

maker: President Dr. Dianne Harrison of CSUN.

Refer to

your text for guidance


Chapter 8 will be your main guiding force in this report;

however, Chapter 9 provides some useful suggestions as well.

In your report, you’ll need t


include: the purpose (why you are making this proposal); the problem (why this needs to be

done); the solution or plan.

To be clear: a proposal is not a research report; you must actually propose something, not just

tell Dr. Harrison about it


The solut

ion is key in this type of report!

Ask yourself when you finish

your draft, what did I propose we do about this problem?

Cost Analysis:

You will need to consider costs and feasibility. You must have a cost anal

ysis in

the report (see page 333 and 338


a sample). How could this be done? What would it cost?

How would it work? Do your best to find the answers to these questions. Would students accept

this idea? You will also need to explain how this change will be communicated to students, or

how students

could become involved. This could be with a poster campaign,

social media, and


or other networking/student involvement possibilities.

Trajectory/ Timeline

: How will this proposal get done? Who will do it? Is there a deadline? I ask

you consider al

l of these things for completeness. Leave


detail neglected and no question