The story is banks’s “sarah cole: a type of love story.” where u

 The story is Banks’s “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story.” Where u write a 3-5 pg paper (double spaced) in response to the story or reading discussing how an why social class matters in this story !!! I will upload the story or reading and the exact directions !!!!

The reading is uploaded u should have everything u need with the directions uploaded with follow up questions to include in the paper as well it shows u what kind of writing u should demonstrate and it needs to be in MLA format !! Read the directions I uploaded they are very specific ok !! Let me know if u need anything at all an I look forward to working with u !!!!

also one more thing the reading I uploaded u, has 2 readings the first reading “Sarah Cole:A type of Love Story” is the only reading u need to read ok !!!! I believe it’s pgs1-18 on the upload ok !!