Starting from the class average project, modify that program

Starting from the class average project, modify that program to determine the median grade along with the average and the highest and lowest grades. The median grade is the grade that is in the middle of the grade distribution. example: five grades of 67, 78, 83, 92, 97 would have a highest of 97, a lowest of 67, and average of 83.4 and a median grade of 83 (the grade in the middle position). In order to determine the median grade, you will need to store the input grades in an array (assume that there will not be more than 100 grades entered), then sort that array into ascending order, then find the midpoint to determine what the median grade is for the class.


As with the original problem, the number of grades is unknown. test scores should be entered until a score of -1 is entered. The highest and lowest scores can be determines as the data is entered, but the average and the median must be calculated after all the data is in.


The data entry should be a function, the calculation of the median grade should be a function, the output should be a function. What you do with the rest will be up to you to decide. The functions must be in separate files, appropriately named.