Software engineering 2 | Computer Science homework help


Your assignment most have introduction, recommendation and conclusion 

1. (a) What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? (7mk) 

(b) With a suitable diagram, explain the different phases involved in waterfall life cycle (8mks) 

(c) What is Software Engineering? (5mks) 

(d) Enumerate five of the challenges of the software crisis era (5mks) 

2. (a) What is feasibility study? What are the contents we should contain in the feasibility report? (8mks) 

(b) What are the purposes of Data Flow diagrams, Give an example. (7mks) 

3. (a) What is the difference between SRS document and design document? What are the contents we should contain in the SRS document and design document. (9mks) 

(b) List and explain different types of testing done during the testing phase. (6mks) 

4. (a) What is user acceptance testing? Explain different testing in user acceptance testing. Why is it necessary? (9mks) 

(b) What are functional and non-functional requirements? (6mks) 

5. (a) Explain the steps involved in the prototyping. (6mks) 

(b) What is a class and object? Give the diagrams and representation of class and object (7mks) 

(c) Enumerate the reasons for the Failure of Waterfall Model. (2mks) 

6. (a) Define Software Reliability (3mks) 

(b) What are the factors of Software Quality? (6mks) 

(c) What is Modularity? (6mks)