Secondary posts | English homework help

Respond to both secondary posts in your own words, 1-2 paragraphs EACH, Myst include a Turnitin report, and references are unnecessary.

1.  I think that it is important for human resource management systems to be in sync with an organizations strategy and goals with each other because they include recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, feedback, pay and benefits and labor relations. I think that these things go hand and hand with trying to make sure an organization has what they need in order to be successful because without these things the organization wouldn’t have the structure they need. It is Human Resources job to make sure they access and build on who they hire for certain jobs in a organization based off the needs of the company. The employees in every organization must be trained with the skills to be able to perform at the levels of the organization. This is what help builds on the goals .

2.  It is important for human resource management systems to be sync with organization’s strategy and goals to increase the ability of the employees and their production. Organization strategy is putting a plan in action to achieve a long-term goal. Organizations goals is where we as a company want to reach in the future by bringing confident, positive ways. Understanding between present and future and the work it will take to reach those goals that is needed for the company. Within any company/organization Human resource management must be synced, it goes both ways. Human Resource must know the goals and future goals of a company,  so everything is in line with one another. If the Human Resource is unaware of strategy or goals, the company could take a turn in negative way. HRM should attract, select, and retain the employees that will enable the company to reach goals. Identifies what employees to be trained for what skills and rewards them. The HRM helps build a strong future and plays a vital role in an organization’s goals.