Search warrants | Civil homework help


Assignment 4: In at least one (2-3) pages, discuss the process needed in order to obtain a search warrant. You must:

  • include a discussion of the level of proof needed for a search warrant (defined and cited)
  • include specific information regarding the process used to obtain the search warrant and
  • the type(s) of information the warrant must contain.

For example in your paper, you need to be clear about who gathers the information for the search warrant, what types of information they can include about the investigation, how that information is conveyed (what type(s) of documents are used), who approves the warrant, etc.

Submission Requirements

  • APA Style elements required
  • Separate Title Page with Name, class, date and topic/title
  • At least one (1) page of your writing on this topic that includes using in-text citations
  • 12 point font
  • Times New Roman or Arial
  • Separate Reference Page – List detailed source information for all references