Scrapbook checkpoint | Education homework help


A straightforward but strategic exercise. Think of this as an opportunity to really think through what you have done already and what you need to get done in the second half of/for the rest of the quarter, and to get feedback about any issues that you are struggling with so far. 

Please do the following: 

First, briefly answer the following questions and post them under this assignment thread:

  • What strategies have you used to approach the scrapbook project so far? Where have you been looking to try and find different kinds of artifacts? 
  • How many artifacts have you archived, and how did you decide they might be a good fit for this project?
  • What potential themes/stories/arguments have you started to identify in relation to the artifacts that you have collected so far? How have you decided which ones might be of interest to you?  
  • What challenges have you faced in getting started with this project and how do you plan to address those challenges over the rest of the quarter?

Second, select what you think is your favorite or most compelling artifact so far and post some version of it on this discussion thread with a little commentary about why you chose it according to these criteria. 

Third, post some kind of a preliminary draft (could be a diagram, just a write-up, a power-point slide, or any digital format that is useful for you to get your ideas down) of some of your ideas or plans for potential “front room” exhibits under this thread