Resort development plan | resort management | Lynn University

Project Snapshot

Picture this…you are an innovative entrepreneur looking to build a unique resort that will cater to a specific target market. Your mission is to develop a comprehensive resort development plan that outlines major resort design decisions, including site drawings/floor plans and other supporting visuals.

During the process of creating your plan, you will make a series of decisions based on the content of the course.  For instance, in terms of size, will your resort be high-rise, garden-type, sprawling ranch or timeshares? Where will your resort be located—in the mountains, on an exotic beach or maybe a peaceful lakeside retreat? As far as service, will your resort offer world-class amenities, headliner entertainment, celebrity chefs, or versatile recreation options? These are just some of the aspects you will consider as you visualize your resort concept and layout.

The key is to apply the principles learned through your readings and discussions to develop a viable resort development plan. Throughout this course, the development plan will form your assignment and some discussion requirements.


Project Length


  • 5-Phase Resort Development Plan
  • Phase 1: Resort Concept & Offerings
  • Phase 2: Resort Design & Environmental Concerns
  • Phase 3: Resort Market Profile & Analysis
  • Phase 4: Financial Projections
  • Phase 5: Operations Management Plan