Read and view the following information.

Read and view the following information.  Respond to the questions that are asked!  The information will serve as the foundation for examination and quiz questions.

ASSIGNMENT #6: Moral Hypocrisy, Moral Inconsistency, and the Struggle for Moral Integrity


KEY WORDS and PHRASES  TO REMEMBER:                                                                                      Distinguishing Moral Hypocrisy and Moral Inconsistency                                                                                          Not Practicing What One Preaches                                                                                                                                                    Moral Posturing Without Paying the Price                                                                                                                  Ascribing Hypocrisy to Others Who Do Not Practice What They Preach                                                                                   The Consequences of Not Practicing What One Preaches                                                                                                Bad Faith and Ulterior Motives: Moral Hypocrisy Without Behavioral Inconsistency                                               Moral Hypocrisy as Applying a Double Standard                                                                                                                  The Complexities of Moral Life: Inconsistency Without Hypocrisy


Why We Make Bad Decisions:  (40 minutes)

1.      What are the major factors in making “bad decisions”—i.e., comparing with the past, with the possible, etc.







1.      What was the first major “bad” decision made by the group?

2.     What factors made changing/ contra-countering the “bad” decision impossible?

3.     Was Twinkie required to make the decision he made? Why?  Can you list an option?

4.     What was the film’s message about “living out” the consequences of one’s decisions?