Question: i am currently preparing for a mock trial for romeo and

Question: I am currently preparing for a mock trial for Romeo and Juliet. I have taken the role as Tybalt. We are doing a case of “Who is responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death?”  1. What is my involvement in this case? How did I take part in this situation in which R and J died? 1. What are three questions for the attorney’s to ask me? 2. Who are the best characters I can suspect, and who are the best characters that are innocent (I am supporting the Capulets)? 2. Are there any important quotes I can consider to support who I am targeting and not targeting as a suspect? 4. What are the facts of the case in logical order as I (tybalt) know them? What do I know about Romeo and Juliet’s death?  The questions are numbered incorrectly. My apologies!