Psy 490 week 4 individual assignment pay it forward

Individual Assignment: Pay it Forward

Perform an anonymous act of kindness. Examples include helping someone carry groceries, paying for a stranger’s coffee, donating time or money to a cause you believe in, and so forth.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your experience.

Address the following:

o Compare the respective roles of altruism, personal and professional social responsibility, and codependency.

o How does altruism apply to psychology or psychological principles?

o How does altruism improve the human condition? Are there limits to altruism?

o What are some personal and professional responsibilities related to altruism?

o What is the future of psychology, specifically in relation to altruism, in contemporary society?

This paper really just needs to be used as a guide since it is a personal experience. The latter part of the paper is a good guide for answering the above questions. Received 9.5 out of 10 points. I have included the instructor graded version to see exactly what the instructor was looking for and why I missed the .5 points. The paper is below the graded section.