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Identify risks for the project “OS Migration” for replacing the current operating systems (Windows, 7) with Linux, Centos 7.1. The project scope and the system is set to focus on the organizations’ productivity as from Fall 2017, and any prior seasons will continue to use the existing operating systems.

 The work breakdown structure is also attached below find the risk analysis matrix by following the attached instructions.


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  • File 7060 Risk Evaluation Matrix.xls (35.5 KB)
  • File Completing the Risk Analysis and Mitigation Matrix.pptx (199.662 KB)
  • File Probability and Impact.pptx (64.516 KB)
  • File Project Risk.pptx (1.056 MB)

This assignment is designed to allow you to identify risks to your project, their impacts, and to develop actions that can be taken should they actually occur. You will use the qualitative methods to perform this process. Also attached in the risk Probability/Impact rating matrix to help you complete this process. Be sure to watch the PowerPoint on how to prepare the matrix.