Primary roles in career development

From one of the journals, choose a study on some career-related topic that was conducted within the last five years. Develop a PowerPoint presentation with five slides only that include:

Slide 1: Title page with APA citation, your name, the university name, the name of the course, and the date
Slide 2: The purpose of the study; what the investigators intended to do
Slide 3: The type of study that was conducted, including how the data were collected, who and how many individuals or organizations participated in the study, and the geographic location or other pertinent information
Slide 4: The results of the study; the information that the investigators discovered
Slide 5: How you might apply the findings from this study to your exploration of careers and career development (if you found no applicability to your exploration, explain why the information was not relevant)

The PowerPoint presentation should include bulleted lists rather than long text, font no smaller than 20 points, and be free of grammar and spelling errors.

Post the PowerPoint to the discussion board as an attachment.