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In this presentation, you will serve as a consultant by applying concepts that you learned in class and applying them to organizational problems at a company that you have either personally worked with in the past or are currently working at now. Observe the organization and identify two problems with the way that they are conducting business. Review the concepts that we have learned over the course of this class and think about how two of the concepts can be applied to address the two problems that you identified. 

The presentation must describe the company you are currently worked at or have worked at in the past, the two problems that you identified, and the two concepts that you learned from the class to address the two problems. It should also include a conclusion that summarizes how the concepts you learned from class can specifically help to improve the organization’s effectiveness. Your presentation should also be used to convey your information most effectively. For example, there should not be too much text on any one slide and it should be free of any grammar/typo issues.

Your presentation should be a maximum of 5 minutes long and should include your voice recorded over your slides. The slides of your presentation will only be accepted using PowerPoint. Google Slides will not be accepted and you will receive a zero if they are submitted instead of a PowerPoint file. The rubric below will be used to grade the presentation. Please read the rubric carefully for further instructions.