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1. why do we pursue techologies, such as those associated with virtual reality? Going back to one of our definition of technology, what problem are trying to solve? what are the risks associated with these technologies?


I think we pursue technology further to be able to access and do task we either are unable to do or experience such as virtual reality making you feel like your in Italy from the comfort of your home because you can’t afford a trip or someone int he hospital wanting to see the outside. Also, we want things to get easier and be available right away which is out pursuit of knowledge and greed. It can be harmful depending on what lines we have to cross to get there or where would we stop when it comes to privacy risk and public health risk such as the radioactive waste disposal system or to help us such as earthquake technology right now that would hoover our buildings during a quake. 


2.What are the ethical questions raised by cloning? Is there any moral difference between applying genetic engineering technologies to humans and applying them to animals and plants? What role should governments play in making policies regarding ethical issues?