Play review analysis | English homework help 


The review should be three to five (3-5) pages long.

The paper should be double spaced, twelve (12) point type, indent one tab at the beginning of each paragraph, no extra space between paragraphs, one (1) inch margins all around.

Start by giving the name of the play, the name of the author. Present your argument/thesis: What does this play teach us about what it means to be human?

In the body of the review, begin by giving your overall impression of the performance.  In the impression, identify the main genre and as part of the description Elaborate on the style and genre.  Identify any other genres and inconsistencies or mixtures of styles that appear.

Give a synopsis of the story, one to three (1-3) paragraphs, generally one paragraph per act.  Evaluate how well the plot is constructed:  is it easy to follow?  Does it follow cause and effect?   Can you identify the inciting incident, reversal, etc., clearly?  Is there a high or low degree of verisimilitude concerning the dramatic situation?  If a low degree, is it intentional?  Include whether the play obeys any or all of the unities or is episodic.  Does the play have a satisfactory ending, or does it rely on a deus ex machina? What is thethought (main idea/thesis) of the play?  Is it clearly articulated inthe play’s denouement?  Does it come out of what the characters do or is it imposed from outside?  Is it worth articulating?  .

Evaluate the acting, particularly of the major characters.  Is it lifelike?  [Verisimilitude]  Is it intended to be?  Does it coincide with the style of the play?  Point out any standout performances by specific actors, good or bad [1-3 paragraphs].

Describe the set.  How well does it define the sense of place and time that is the setting of the play?  Does it blend with the style of the play and the actors’ performances?  Does it help create the mood of the production?     Tell why.  [1-3 paragraphs]

Do the same with the costumes, sound and lighting.  Point out any aspect which calls attention to itself, good or bad.  Tell why.    [1-3 paragraphs]

Conclude the review, and add a final thought: what does the play teach us about what it means to be human?  [One (1) Paragraph]


Include a citations entry for the show.

“The paly link is above” watch the play so you can do the assignment on it.