Planning operations master role placement

Suppose you have been charged with setting up the Operations Master Roles (OMRs) for a company network. Determine the most effective location for each of the three (3) domain-level OMRs, based on 1) the number of users in the domain, 2) the roles on the domain controllers, and 3) the number of domains in the forest. Provide a rationale for your determination.


You are in charge of a four (4) site network, where site links exist between sites A and B, B and C, and C and D. Your network connectivity also mirrors the network topology of the sites’ links, and all four (4) OMRs are located in site A, where none of the site links are bridged together. Categorize the two (2) resultant restrictions that you believe are the most damaging to the network’s functioning. Suggest at least two (2) changes to the OMR placements that should be made to alleviate the damage. Provide support for your response.