Philosophy home work only 4 questions need to be done by 18 hours

All answers from this book.


Louis P. Pojman,
How Should We Live?: An Introduction to Ethics
(Belmont, California: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2005)


ead chapter 4 of the Pojman text. Then, answer the question below. Remember to provide a full answer to the question, not only directly answering the question, but providing reasons where necessary.


1. Choose two of the following questions to answer. Please state your opinion in response to the prompt, rather than in terms of Polman’s discussion. Please give a detailed and thorough response to the question. 

  • Why don’t you like it when someone steals your property?
  • Why is murder wrong?
  • Is suicide ever permissible?
  • Is it wrong to eat animals?
  • Why do you dislike being lied to?
  • Is abortion wrong?

2. Explain intrinsic value, and provide an example of something that has intrinsic value. (pp. 71)

3. What is absolutism, and how does it differ from situationalism? Illustrate with an example. (pp. 75)

4. What is one thing that is wrong with the doctrine of double effect? (pp. 72–74)