Peer response power point 100 word minimum


powerpoint theme , responds to peer based on the following response minimum of 100 words : In every large group meeting I have attended whether at a new job, my kid’s school, open houses, etc. There were PowerPoint presentations. This program is a particularly effective way to get a lot of information to a group of people effectively and in a timely manner. Truthfully, at some points in Power Point slide shows, especially long ones, my eyes tend to glaze over, and I zone out and lose focus.  

I think some key considerations you must have when developing your slide show are how engaging it is and how effectively you are communicating the information you must give. Paying close attention to what the prestation look like from the viewer’s standpoint rather than the presenter’s would be an excellent way to approach it. Are the slides cohesive? Easy to follow? Having different elements (I.e.. Bullets, photos, color schemes, varying font sizes, etc.) would be a plus too because it keeps your audience from just staring at paragraph after paragraph thus keeping their attention.