Overcoming obstacles: facing fears and being enough – discussion

Part I: For this part of the Discussion, review the instructions for the Final Project that is due in Unit 9. Then brainstorm a list of possible subjects for your own Final Project. Select a problem that is associated with your field of study. For example, if you are studying criminal justice, you might list problems like a particular criminal activity that is on the increase, or you might list problems that a person in this field might encounter, including unethical behavior as a police officer. Or, if you are a student pursuing a career in business, you might brainstorm reasons why the global and U.S. economies are struggling; if you are student pursuing a career in education, you might list types of interventions for exceptional students. Include your brainstorming ideas and then discuss why these possible Final Project topics interest you and how you might ultimately choose one of these topics and write about this subject to help someone struggling with this issue. Let us know what you think your Final Project might focus on: what topic from that list do you think you will choose, and whom might you write to and for what purpose? How will the choice of this particular audience affect how you write your essay?

PART II: Having chosen a possible topic from your list above, locate ONE reliable internet source that might help you gain valuable knowledge on this subject you can share with your audience for the Final Project. Please note that you do not have to absolutely stick with this topic. If you decide that this topic isn’t the best for you and your audience, you can change it, but for now just select the one topic that you most likely will work with. Then, after reading the internet source you selected, explain why you chose this source, why you think it is reliable and how the source might help you as you write your essay on this topic. Provide a reference page citation and an in text citation for the source. Discuss at least one strategy you will use for avoiding plagiarism when you use sources like this one in your writing.