One of the things that i find very important when designing a program


One of the things that I find very important when designing a program is assessing where the athlete stands along with the other characteristics such as the specifics of their sport or the importance of strength in that sport. Some athletes have trained in ways that don’t set them up to be as successful as possible, or they are naturally conditioned in certain ways that don’t work in their best favor. It is important design a program and train in a way that works in the best interest of the athlete. One area to look at when designing a program would be the amount of sets and repetitions of specific exercises. When trying to reach maximum strength, it may be more beneficial for an athlete to do more single set training and more weight with less repetitions. On the other hand, an athlete looking for more explosiveness should be looking to do a lower weight with more sets and repetitions. Take a football player for example. If an athlete plays offensive line, then they should be looking to be as strong as possible. Therefore, the best option for them would be to do more single sets and higher weight with less repetitions. If an offensive were used to doing more explosive training then this would need to be taken into consideration when designing a training program for them. Due to their wrong training technique, they may need to start at a weight less heavy than most when they attempt to do single sets. Then eventually over time the would be able to work their way up to where they are strong as ever. Although, this could only be done by assessing where the athlete stood at the time and understanding their niche. 

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