Notes on a scene from “but i’m a cheerleader


Describe in detail one scene of But I’m a cheerleader

Before you begin, make sure you understand what a “scene” is. Many people on the internet (such as this one (Links to an external site.),  author unknown) say that “A scene is a unit of story that takes place at a specific location and time. If one of these changes, you have a new scene.” In films, scenes usually last no more than 3 minutes.

Next: find a scene in this film and watch it several times closely.  Specifically:

  1. Describe the content of this scene, including: Location, lighting; camera angles, music, mood, characters, and dialogue. This link (Links to an external site.) also provides technical advice on how to read a movie scene. 
  2. Transcribe the dialogue of this scene. (this should be relatively easy if you have the Closed Captions on). If the dialogue is dense and goes on for more than a page of text, you may focus on a subsection of the dialogue for transcription.
  3. Think about what purpose this scene plays for the film as a whole. What part of the film does this scene occur (Part I, Part II, or Part II)? How does the scene move or complicate the plot of the film?

Finally, post your notes for the above three points into the forum below.