Mktg602 week 7 term | Business & Finance homework help

 Hide Assignment InformationTurnitin™Turnitin™ enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.InstructionsFinal Term Paper Project.For your final paper you have been hired by the Forum of directors of the company (of your choice) to develop a marketing plan for the company’s products/services. Currently the company is NOT doing business in the proposed country. You need to make recommendation as to which country the company should expand, why, how and when. This marketing plan will be presented to the company’s Forum of Directors, CEO and Chairman. The comprehensive consultative report (approximately 15 pages) should have the following coverage:

Executive Summary

Table of contents

Firm Analysis

Company history

Current locations


Situation Analysis

Industry Trends

Current competition

Overview of current financials

Host Country analysis

Country overview

Cultural Norms

Business climate

Economic stability


Political stability

Competition (in host country)


Strategies needed

How will you overcome any weaknesses or problems discussed in the paper?

Entrance strategy

How will you adjust for cultural differences?

Financials for your expansion idea

Course Objectives:

#1. A view of international Marketing

#2 An overview of International Trade Issues

# 3 Foundation of cultural understanding

#4 Cultural Dynamics in Global Markets

#5 Business Customs and Practices in Global Marketing

#6 The various patterns of multinational cooperation and the strategic marketing implications of economic cooperation in marketing