Milestone 2 | IT-328-J3543 Project Mgmt in Info Tech 23EW3 | Southern New Hampshire University

 In this assignment, you will begin your work with the course case scenario involving the student degree progress project. You will begin by examining three key project documents: the project charter, the RACI chart, and the WBS chart. The project charter is in the Student Degree Progress Project Charter Word Document document, while the RACI and WBS charts are included in the Project Management Documents Spreadsheet. This workbook has multiple tabs.

Using this information, you will address the questions and critical elements in the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document. You will compose a brief project description that summarizes the student degree progress project, including its purposes, objectives, and how and where to find further information about it. This is the type of communication project that team members typically provide for stakeholders.

Your work on this milestone will help you prepare to compose sections of Part I of your final project, which introduces the student degree progress project and discusses roles and responsibilities within the project team.

 To complete this assignment, review the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.  

******* You missed the key requirements for this assignment which was to analyze and show the work on the Gantt chart. Please let me know if you want to do that work and submit and i’d be happy to reassess. Please send me an email if you choose to do that..otherwise see my sample solution