Marketing startegy | Marketing homework help

In 1-2 paragraphs: A summary of facts, issues, and questions
mentioned in the case. During your reading of the case, you should identify
crucial  facts,  figures  and  charts,  and  identify  critical  comments  made  by
individuals. The facts stated in a case often point to the key issue(s) facing
a  firm,  such  as  new  opportunities,  a  changing  environment,  a  decline  in
competitive position, or excess inventories. 

PART 2: In 1 page: Presentation and interpretation of relevant and critical
information  of  the  company  and  the  industry.  This  is  information  not
mentioned  in  the  case  and  you  should  collect  from  outside  resources.
Information  covers  any  text,  chart,  figure,  table,  …  from  any  outside
resources including journals, magazines, blogs, books, papers, ads, web
resources, … . Make a connection between this information and facts/issues
from the case to judge the rationality of past and current decisions. While
facts should be accepted as true, statements, judgments, and decisions made
by the individuals in a case should be questioned, especially if not supported
by  facts—or  when  one  individual  disagrees  with  another.  This  section
contains your thoughtful evaluation of industry, market, buyer behavior and
organization. Be careful not to restate case information, rather focus on
assessment and interpretation of the facts, qualitative and quantitative data
and management views.  

Part 3 (1 page): List and evaluate alternative courses of action that could be taken by the firm pertaining to the key issue(s) mentioned in the case. Consider courses of action based on their suitability to the firm and situation. Collected information in part 2 should help you here (in general, proposed courses of action should take into account such factors as the business category, goals, the customer market, the overall strategy, the product assortment, competition, legal restrictions, economic trends, marketplace trends, financial capabilities, personnel capabilities, and sources of supply). In the end, choose one of the actions as your best recommendation to the firm and explain why it’s the best. 

Part 4:  Answer all three questions on page 137 (No page limitation).