Managing organization | Management homework help

max 200 words 2 APA references

2A – Goal setting is an important aspect of management. Describe the processes used in establishing goals and how strategies are formulated to achieve these goals. 

2B – From the Garcia-Alvarez, Mariz-Perez, and Alvarez, M. T. (2011) article and additional sources, discuss the importance of developing and sustaining structural capital in an organization. How can it be used to gain a competitive advantage and add value?  As stated in the article, Capital Structure is the part of knowledge that an organization is able to develop, systemize, and internalize. This type of capital allows for organizational effectiveness improvement through the transmission of knowledge.


3A – Many academic texts discuss management in terms of structuring, planning, and directing organizational resources. What is often neglected are those being served by the organization. Describe the role of the customer in the organizational management process. 

3B – From the Noghiu (2017) article and additional sources, describe the significance of spiritual capital in an organization. Is there biblical support for the inclusion of spiritual capital in an organization? 

 4A – From the Goman (2019) article and additional sources, describe the importance of social capital in an organization. What recommendations would you offer a manager or business owner regarding social capital?