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COIT20228 ICT Management Assignment One Term 1, 2014 1 Literature Review (5%) General Information The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a brief literature review on a selected topic. This means you will reference external material other than the textbook in order to complete this assignment successfully. Referencing must be in Harvard format. Plagiarism detection will be used during assessment. Requirements In this first assignment, you will conduct a brief literature review on the topic of “Project Management success/failure factors”. Your ultimate goal is to answer the question “what are today’s experts saying about the causes of success and failure in ICT projects?” You should review and understand literature related to issues such as: — Project management success/failure factors. — IS/ICT evaluation methods/models and how these are used to determine if a project was “successful” or not. — Examples of organisations experiencing success or failure that highlight or demonstrate the principles you have researched. Look at both technology and management issues, in particular project management issues. Your submission should cite at least three academic references not counting the textbook. Your selected references must be academic (journal and conference papers or edited book chapters) and must be no more than 5 years old. The reviews you write should mainly be in your own words. So you should keep direct quotations brief and to a minimum number. Remember to format in-text citations correctly and to ensure that all cited works are listed in the References List. Do not list anything in the References List that you have not cited in your Review. What you need to submit You are required to submit your literature review as a single document in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). Use the template on the assessment page as the basis for your submission. Place the References List on its own page at the end of the document. LITERATURE REVIEW ASSIGNMENT – PAGE 1 COIT20228 ICT Management Assignment One Term 1, 2014 2 Assessment Criteria Guide Criteria Mark Range Literature Review – maximum 15 marksLiterature Review Limited or no literature reviewed; poorly discussed and summarised; little or no linkage or relevance to the topic. 0 – 5 Adequate literature reviewed; reasonable discussion and summary; linkage or relevance of the paper to the topic could be clearer. 6 – 10 Extensive and/or well targeted literature selection; good discussion and summary where topic linkage and relevance is clearly established. Understanding of the literature is clearly demonstrated 11 – 15 Clarity of Expression – maximum of 5 marks Review poorly written and/or concepts and ideas are not clearly communicated 0 – 2 The review is written to an acceptable standard and ideas and concepts are communicated effectively 2 – 4 The review is extremely well written. It is concise, yet ideas and concepts are communicated exceptionally well 4 – 5 Referencing (penalties) Referencing (-1 per error to a maximum of -5) Note: this criteria relates to citation format or omission errors (i.e. source appears in reference list but not cited or not cited correctly). Plagiarism (unreferenced/copied) material will result in a referral to the office of Learning and Teaching for action. Severe penalties apply should plagiarism be proven. Total marks will be awarded out of maximum of 20 Deduction for lateness (5% per calendar day late) Total marks will be expressed out of 5* Actual marks awarded will be entered on a marks spreadsheet returned with the assignment. *for example, receiving 16/20 will be expressed as 4/5.