Hartman paper | Social Science homework help

A Case Study Research Review is an assignment in which you read and analyze the work and research methods of a specific author(s). (Hartman and Squires. There is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster: Race, Class, and Hurricane Katrina.(2006) [290 pgs])


After reading There is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster: Race, Class, and Hurricane Katrina., please complete and submit 3-5 pages in which you describe and evaluate Hartman and Squires’ work. In addition to the contents of your review, please consider the following questions in your writing:


What research methodology did Hartman and Squires use?

What particular challenges did they face as they conducted their research?

Be sure to include the following in your review:


Brief summary of the book and its topics, including title and author(s).

Main themes and/or thesis of the book.

Evaluation of the thesis – how effectively has the author(s) communicated and supported their thesis?

Critical Remarks – Your individual observations and evaluation of the book.