French journal assignment first draft

Bonus: If you turn in a perfect paper (ou presque parfait) as your first draft, i.e. all 10 sentences are there (no more than 15 sentences), all required information is included, and there are NO MORE THAN TWO (2) MINOR MISTAKES on the whole page (I decide what is a minor mistake), you will receive the full 30 points for the assignment and you will not have to turn in the final draft.


Journal # 1 topic and instructions.   Write three paragraphs, minimum 10 sentences, maximum 15, to a new French-speaking pen pal.

In the first paragraph, tell her:

• your name, where you are a student, and what you are studying

In the second paragraph, tell her:

• whether or not you like the university and why
• three things there are on campus and one thing there is not

In the third paragraph, ask her:

• if she is a student
• if she is married or single

This should be written in French