For prof topgrade only podcast

In order to respond to the questions/prompts below, first listen to the following podcasts: 

GovLove – A Podcast About Local Government: Good Governance & Leadership with Ian McCormack on Apple Podcasts 


NCSL Podcasts: Nancy Koehn: The Nature of Leadership | LTIS Episode 2 on Apple Podcasts

Required postings: 

  1. Drawing on the podcasts and your MPA coursework, in your initial post discuss at least one example of leading/managing from each of the two podcasts.  Next, critique each podcast identifying at least one positive and one criticism for each.  Finally, discuss an idea from each podcast that you think would be easier for you to use in a leadership position and explain why.  Each of these listed items should be a substantive paragraph in which you reference the podcast and something specific from your MPA coursework.  Use sub-headings to distinguish between your answers.  Initial posts are due by Wednesday.