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M4D1: Diversity in our Lives

Once you have read the articles, please do some research of your own and formulate a response to the discussion question. Your interaction with the ideas of others in the class will build our dialogue around this topic. 

In the readings, we have seen a variety of views about ways to introduce people to the growing diversity of the society around them. We learned about teaching tolerance as a part of multicultural education. It has been suggested that there is a clash of cultures, beliefs, races, and ethnicities in a global economy and that in order to live and work together people must be taught to appreciate each others’ differences.  Please compose your initial response to the following statements based on your ideas and the resources you have located to support them.

  • Exposure to people from different, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and belief systems is sufficient to learn both tolerance and an appreciation for what they can contribute to our society.
  • We do not need to be taught “multiculturalism” in our schools and work places. You cannot change what people think by “teaching” them about other groups different from themselves.

 In your initial post (250+ words), you are to respond to the question but support your thoughts by including at least two references from academic sources that you have researched on this topic in the Excelsior Library and use appropriate citations in APA style.