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Transcultural nursing theory is also called the culture care theory. With this in mind, explain how you plan to incorporate the culture care theory in your Unit 7 presentation Assignment that is due on Friday, Day 3 of class, and how the theory relates to your proposed policy change in your policy change proposal.

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Create two questions that allow your peers and instructor to understand your PowerPoint presentation that was posted to Doc Sharing. Your peers will review the presentation of a comparative health reform system analysis and respond to your questions with another question using the Socratic teaching strategy. The questions and responses are designed to foster debate.

MN507: Unit 7 Assignment


Comparing International Healthcare Delivery Systems




Each student will prepare a PowerPoint presentation, including detailed speaker notes in APA


format, examining an international health system compared to the reformed U.S. health system.




Students will prepare the presentation using PowerPoint that will provide:




a discussion of the country, culture, and governance structure compared to the U.S.






the historical background of the development of the health system including a


description of the health system type, cost analysis, and funding stream compared to the


reformed U.S. system




a discussion of systematic and financial health policy issues that would indicate success


or failure driven by politics in each country




a discussion of the health system’s performance including outcomes, and a comparative


analysis of costs compared to the U.S. health system


The presentation will be professional and include:




speaker notes that are detailed and cited with the most current information available and


matching references on the reference slide no older then 2010




slides that are cited and contain no more than 40 words per slide with matching


references on the reference slide




graphics that are cited with a matching reference on the reference slide




written permission for graphics that hold a copyright




a title page slide at the beginning and a reference slide at the end in APA format




15 slides counting the title slide and reference slide


Each student will post the presentation to Doc Sharing for review by peers and to the Dropbox