Follow the given intructions | Biology homework help

you need to identify an area of evolutionary biology in which there is a current or recent controversy and find two papers from the primary literature (peer-reviewed scientific journals) in which the authors take opposing views. Examples of relevant journals include (but are not limited to): Evolution; Journal of Evolutionary Biology; Systematic Biology; Molecular Biology and Evolution; Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution; Heredity; Genetics; Journal of Molecular Evolution; Nature; Science; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA; Proceedings of the Royal Society, London; and so on. You must receive my approval for the topic and the papers in advance. The papers should be from 2018 or later, unless I say otherwise. Your assignment should consist of a brief review of the area of study and a summary of the viewpoints of the authors. It should be between 1000-1500 words (approximately). I encourage you to discuss your topic with me.