Eng 222 week 5 | English homework help


Discuss, with your partner, what you think are the three most important best practices for a technical writer.


Submit a summary of your discussion to your instructor.



Return to the website  http://www.stc.org/ for the Society for Technical Communicationand research the jobs associated with the technical communication field.


Select one job or career field for further research.


Write a 200- to 350-word summary describing your selected job’s or career field’s educational requirements; types of programs or software knowledge needed; and the required professional experience.


Describe, in your summary, an action plan for acquiring more skills to add to your qualifications in the future.



Proofread and complete your manual that includes the following items:


  • Table of contents
  • Headers and footers that include page numbers, copyright information, and other necessary information
  • Headings
  • Appropriate font
  • Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using the selected tool or procedure
  • Visual elements such as images and screenshots
  • Effective page layout, including use of white space, color, and proper font
  • Terminology definitions for any symbols or diagrams used
  • References to source material, if needed
  • Any other necessary information to help the user navigate the manual


Submit your manual to your instructor as a Microsoft® Word document.