Employee orientation 2459 | Human Resource Management homework help

 Employee orientation is handled differently in each organization. Let’s talk about this in both the theoretical perspective as well as in practical terms. Here are a few questions to get started.
Should companies offer formal orientation programs for all new employees, or should they be designed and run by each individual supervisor, manager, or department head? (Support your answer.)
Explain some purposes for having employee orientations.
Give an example from your own experience of the first weeks on the job, either with or without an orientation program, and how you felt orientation helped you settle in (or, if you didn’t have an orientation, how that impacted your view of that job).
How important is career development to you?
How much do you want your HR department to involve itself in your career development?
How much, as a future HR person (if you plan to be one), would you want to be involved in your employees' career development?