E 2 635 harsha | Information Systems homework help


  1. The relationship between IT and other areas of the organization is critical for many aspects of IT within organizations.  Discuss the role of IT governance and leadership in understanding how organizations see the value of IT. 
  2. What is IT governance?  Discuss different approaches to IT governance.
  3. How can different types of IT leadership impact the role of IT within an organization?
  4. Provide specific examples where applicable. Use the readings (and, if you wish, other relevant references) to support your answer.  Please provide citations.


  1. Develop an IT innovation strategy for your organization (or an organization you are familiar with). Describe the organization’s situation and how a specific innovation approach (disruptive, architectural, routine, radical) would be most appropriate for it.


  1. Choose one of the following:1) internet of things 2) blockchain 3) big data/analytics
     Describe two real-world applications of your chosen technology. How does this technology enhance business competitiveness/profitability in the two applications?

Please Note the Following:

1- Make sure to cite the references (both required readings and external sources, if any) you use. Proper citing (using, for example, APA style) of an article includes necessary information such as author name(s), journal title, year of publication, etc. Just referring to “Readings from Week 3” or “Harvard Business Review” is not proper citation. 

2- As always, quality outweighs quantity. While your answer needs enough length to conduct a thorough analysis, it is very important to offer a coherent and readable answer that is well organized and that has a smooth and logical flow. The answer must reflect a reasonable mastery of the required readings. Answers that are too generic and that can be provided by a layman with superficial knowledge of the material is not acceptable.

3- Academic honesty is extremely important and any suspected plagiarism (including copying material without citing it) will not be tolerated.