Discussion activity | English homework help

Focusing specifically on human factors, how can your organization leverage the inimitable resources it has or create new ones?


Applying the resource-based view discussed by Colquitt, Lepine, and Wesson (2015), respond to this topic with a brief description of a current or potential “inimitable resource” that you believe exists in an organization where you now work or have worked. Explain your rationale and include a brief analysis of risks or threats as well as opportunities associated with this organizational resource. (Approximately 750 words.) Submit your post to Turnitin and make any needed corrections before sharing. 

Prepare one substantive (and constructive) analysis of a cohort member’s submission by responding to his/her contribution to the topic described above. Apply the ideas from this week’s readings and the Browne & Keeley to help ensure your response is sound and well supported. Do not rely on personal opinions, beliefs, or experiences. Also avoid repeating what others have already written. 

If a cohort member has responded to your main week one contribution, post a response that addresses any issues or points that may be helpful in understanding your reasoning or in further advancing the cohort’s discussion.