Design a technology to improve community-building in college

The goal of this course is for you to leave with a thorough understanding of both the philosophy and a solid foundation of methodology for Human-Centered Design. As such, you have had to learn on the go and iterate on team work as part of a constructivist learning approach. This has been a significant success for many individuals, and some of the team work has seen a marked improvement. However, many have still yet to evidence a solid understanding of the HCD approach. I would like to give you the opportunity to do so.

Thus the final individual assignment has been shifted to an OPTIONAL extra credit activity worth up to 15% added to your final grade. 

This final assignment is a full HCD Report from Mandate to Final Brief. 

  • All of your human data can be fabricated (though do not take extreme liberties here)
  • You do not have monetary restrictions
  • All work proofs must be hand-drawn with the exception of prototypes. 

The mandate for this “project” is: 

     – Design a technology to improve community-building in college dormitory life. 

Sections of this report must include:

  • Project Overview
    • Mandate, Description, Ideal Team Composition
  • Projected Timeline and Milestones List
  • Problem Identification Phase
    • Competitive Landscape Statement
    • User Research (Field sites/population, data collection, findings & interpretations)
    • Personas (3 Personas, must have at least 1 Primary and 1 Secondary)
    • Problem Statement
  • Solution Generation Phase
    • Job Stories
    • 8-Ups
    • Storyboards
    • User-Focused Solution Statement
  • Solution Design and Specifications
    • Full proposal statement
    • Prototype
  • Conclusion 
    • Future directions and goals

BE EXPLICIT WITH YOUR LOGIC AND ANALYSIS. Evidence to me that your process is grounded in HCD.