Crju research 3 page paper

 Please write a paper of 2/3 pages (excluding cover, title, abstract, references …etc)  

Some things are caused by other things. Talking about cause and effect and with respect to nomothetic explanation, what are the three specific criteria or conditions for causality? In order words, what conditions must exist before you can conclude that A “causes” B? Please discuss each of the three criterion in detail.

Distinguish between necessary and sufficient causes. What do you understand by    “Reductionism” and “Correlation”? And how is it used in the criminal justice world.


Also, please use an abstract for your assignments. Among other things, an abstract is basically a summary of your work and helps summarize and introduce your work at the initial time. It also gradually leads your readers into your work. It is part of APA and required to be about 150-250 words (class abstracts can be shorter). Your abstract should be on a page by itself immediately after your cover page – with the title or sub-title “Abstract” centered on top of your abstract.

4. Your paper should have a problem statement section or an introduction. This is the place where you articulate the “why” or the reason or the problem or concern or lacuna why you are writing your paper. For example, what gap in the law are you trying to highlight or solve? If there is no problem or concern, why write? Please see SAMPLE Statements of the problem or Introductions in the Course Material Folder.

5. Please make your conclusions a little bit more visible – you can use a pointer like “In conclusions … etc” or you can use a sub-title “Conclusions.”

 use APA in-text citations to support your work so readers may not think that you are speculating or guessing. 


What are the policy implications of your work? This is same thing as suggestions you have on how to improve things. Policy implication is also referred to as Reform Implications or Crime Control Implications.

17. What suggestions do you have based on the policy implications of your work?