Criminal investigation tracker with suspect prediction

You will write a research paper on an approved topic. You may either select a topic from one of those listed in the Research project topic list file in the shared folder.   To do a proper job for your paper your paper will need to be 6-8 papers (full pages) in length.  In addition, you will provide a bibliography properly formatted.  Your paper will be properly annotated with a complete set of citations in the text. Make sure you provide adequate a citation for each of the references in the bibliography or I will be required to fail you on the project and file a plagiarism charge which will bring you up on violation of the code of the student conduct. You must manage your sources and create citations in word.  Your paper will require a minimum of 10 sources. NONE OF YOUR SOURCES CAN BE WEBSITES OR NON REFFEREED WEB PAGES OR DOCUMENTS.  If you have a question about a source feel free to ask me. Your paper must conform to the MLA format. If you are unfamiliar with the MLA format than you may either contact the University library or visit