Create a plan – part 2



CREATE A PLAN – PART 2 Due Week 8: 160 points OVERVIEW Using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet tools is essential to tracking, storing, reading, and learning from data. It is used by businesses every day to spot trends, issues, growth patterns, and risks. As you saw in the Strayer Story last week and the Strayer Talk this week, Deidre Jefferies uses Excel to create spreadsheets she sends to potential and current clients, to track inventory and pricing, and to set goals and see potential areas for improvement within the business. In this Challenge, you will use Microsoft Excel to outline the steps you would take to implement your plan to solve your problem, and to outline the costs that will be involved in your plan. Additionally, you’ll use basic functions to analyze your plan. You will format your worksheets to make them easy to work with as well. Follow the steps below to create your Implementation Plan and Costs Chart for your plan to solve your identified problem. [If you don’t remember how to operate these functions in Microsoft Excel, refer back to TestOut, the course material, your instructor, or Google it! Completed sample versions of the Implementation Plan (Sheet 1) and Costs Chart (Sheet 2) are included here below the rubric for your reference.